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1. Alistair - February 29, 2012

Good show. Highlights the craziness that is the US gov’t budgeting process.
I do take issue with the “cuts” that the DoD is taking over the next 10 years. I’ve heard this from DoD talking heads also.
A cut, at least in common parlance, is a reduction from current spending levels. Reducing your projected growth without taking taking a reduction in absolute terms isn’t a cut.
I can understand how it does contribute to debt reduction, but calling it a cut is disingenuous (again, I blame the DoD, not Marsha for this shell game).
Keeping up with inflation probably should be considered the baseline, since you won’t have the same buying power year-to-year. If your budget is below that baseline, then its a cut, if it’s above, then it’s not a cut, it’s growth.
I’ll get off my soap box now.
Good show for those of you not keeping up with the budget process.

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