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Congratulations Are In Order! May 26, 2012

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Congratulations Are In Order!

 May 26, 201

 The Space Show congratulates SpaceX for the recent Falcon 9 launch and the successful Dragon berthing  (docking) with ISS for supply delivery. We also congratulate NASA for their important role in stimulating commercial space access to ISS and for their valuable assistance to SpaceX for the COTS program. Finally, we applaud the previous administration for creating the COTS program in the first place.

SpaceX and NASA have changed history. We look forward to more successful COTS program participants and eventually with the commercial crew program. Despite delays and formidable challenges, SpaceX has demonstrated significant management successes and has developed technology and skill sets that only government programs have demonstrated in the past.  NASA facilitated this accomplishment — a superb example of public/private partnerships

For all of us who advocate a true space faring future with commercial opportunities, wealth creation, and industrial development, the commercial space genie is out of the bottle and evolving.

Way to go SpaceX! Good going NASA!

Thank you.

Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show



1. Joe - May 26, 2012

SpaceX has certainly proven their value. I felt true happiness when I saw Elon, Gwynne, and Alan smiling together during their interview. Success, at last! Each success brings this new innovation more attention by those who want to use it. I am happy for America and the world.

2. Terry in Corpus Christi - May 26, 2012

This is a great day for America! As it has been said, so many things had to happen for this mission to be a success. Those things have happened. Let us wish SpaceX with a continuing successful mission and a safe journey home on Thursday.

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