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Michelle Evans on the X-15 Rocket Plane, Tuesday, 5-28-13 May 29, 2013

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Michelle Evans on the X-15 Rocket Plane, Tuesday, 5-28-13



1. John O'Sullivan (@johntosullivan) - May 30, 2013

Dr. Livingstone,
Michelle Evans on the X15 was one of the best Space Shows in a long time.

Ingredients for a great show =

Supremely knowledgable guest
Actual aerospace program that flew with real hardware

It helps that the book is well researched and well written and has been edited and produced by great team like the UNP.


I really enjoy these shows, e.g. authors of space books, scientists discussing their work, engineers and astronauts discussing their careers. Tangible acheivements as opposed to powerpoint vapourware.

The Space Show - May 30, 2013

John, thanks for your comment. I agree that Michelle was exceptional as is her book and that combination is a guarantee for a great Space Show program. But listeners have preferences all over the place so while you identified the ingredients for a good show for you, others think something else other than a book review or presentation is a good show.

With four programs a week (on average) there are plenty of Space Show program topics, guests, etc. to satisfy most of the listeners most of the time. I do agree with you, regardless of it being a book or just a discussion about a new commercial space idea or policy, or a trip to Mars, having a guest as prepared as Michelle was is essential but it does not always happen. Remember during the show I told Michelle talking to her about X-15 was like listening to a baseball game in which every stat known in the game is rattled off by the announcers when anything in the game happens. I said that Michelle was like those all knowing baseball computers and stat keepers. I even invited listeners to try and stump her on an X-15 question.

Not only was talking to her about X-15 a real joy and full of new information, I found it personally rewarding. I wish all shows were like that but again, this was exceptional and her book is clearly THE book on X-15. I do learn and benefit from all shows and with some, I work much harder as the information is not as free flowing as it was with Michelle, but it is usually there just needing a bit of coaxing to surface. But all the guests and topics contribute to our knowledge base but I’m glad this one hit the spot with you.

Thanks again for your note. Remember, we people are a mix of just about everything & The Space Show wants to bring as much responsible information with qualified guests to the microphone. I know all programs will not appeal to all people as I hear from listeners with lots of different and even specialized preferences. Again, I’m glad this one was a hit with you.

David Livingston

John O'Sullivan (@johntosullivan) - May 30, 2013

Dr Space,
I’m glad you will look into the Outward Odyssey series by University of Nebraska Press. It’s a great collection edited by Colin Burgess and Francis French. So far it has covered Mercury/Gemini/Apollo, Early Soviet Spaceflights, interplanetary probes, Skylab, rocket pioneers and commercial space.
As Michelle said, 2 shuttle books, another space probe book and a space station book are on the way.

As I live in Ireland, I’m not in the right timezone to listen live (and I’m not an insomniac) but I listen via podcast within a few days of the show airing. This blog is a great way for us time-shifters to comment and get involved.

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