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Dr. Doug Plata, Sunday, 3-16-14 March 15, 2014

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Dr. Doug Plata, Sunday, 3-16-14

Dr. Plata is our guest for Sunday, March 16, 2014.  Dr. Plata will be discussing Selected Trades for Cis-lunar One Transportation Archtecture Concept so prior to our Sunday discusson, I have uploaded Doug’s document, Choices of Selected Trades for the Cis-lunar One Transportation Architecture.  Both Doug and I ask that you review this document in advance of our Sunday Space Show program as this will form an important part of our discussion.

Thank you.

Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show




1. Amnon Govrin - April 17, 2014

One comment in the show around not transferring cryogenics in space made me think about that topic.

This is not so much a question for Doug but one for the supporters of propellant depots – What if we don’t do propellant depots as tankers but more like batteries? What I mean is that the depot, instead of being like a gas station, is made of several individual tanks. The spacecraft comes, connects to one tank or more (each tank can also connect to more tanks depending on the amount of propellant needed) and that tank disconnects from the other tanks in the depot.
That would mean that the tanks are essentially disposable, and don’t require propellant transfer between the tank and craft’s own tank in 0 gravity.

I listened to all the shows that touched the subject in recent years, I don’t remember something like that being discussed.

Admittedly, I do not have the numbers, physics or knowledge and whoever reads this may roll their eyes and utter or think something not so pleasant just about now, but just in case this can have merit, it would be interesting to understand what both propellant-depot supporters and dissenters think about this.

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