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In Memoriam

The Space Show lost a good friend and I lost a good personal friend this weekend as Charles Pooley passed away.  At this time I have no additional details.  All Space Show programs this week will be dedicated to the memory of Charles. On our Tuesday, May 12 Open Lines show, those of you who wish to email or call in and remember Charles, please do so.  We lost a really good guy this weekend, a space advocate and solid engineer thinking guy who was very special.  Charles Pooley will be missed and remembered for years and years to come.

Rest well my friend.  We will always remember you, miss you, and treasure your Space Show programs and moments,

Your friend,


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show



1. Matt - May 5, 2015

In memoriam:

2. The Space Show - May 4, 2015

Dear Listeners:

My thanks to those of you who have been sending condolence notes to me regarding the death of Charles Pooley. Yes, he was a good friend but more to the point, he was an important part of the growing Space Show family. The programs with Charles as the guest and the many programs with him as a caller are to be treasured. Some of the best Space Show moments can and should be awarded to Charles. I will miss him as a friend but also as a very important part of The Space Show family and a real contributor of the past 14 years to whatever success The Space Show has achieved. Charles was not very diplomatic, sometimes even rude to guests or callers. He was not a good listener but he knew his stuff and he did not compromise on physics and engineering. Microlaunchers was his life, his initial book was very good and worth the wait. I for one looked forward to much more from him over his remaining years.

Again, thanks to those of you sending me notes. I appreciate it but his loss is far more than a personal loss. It is a loss for us all. For sure, it is not about a personal loss for me.

I will remember Charles forever and I thank God for the opportunity to have met and worked with him even in the limited way The Space Show offers.

Rest well Charles. You deserve it. You will be missed but never forgotten.


3. DougSpace - May 4, 2015

Terribly sorry to learn about Charles’ passing. He was thoroughly committed to the cause of space. I had spoken with Charles at length by phone and had heard him many times on the show. I had very much looked forward to meeting him in person for the first time at Space Access Conference but I guess it wasn’t to be.

Rest in peace, Charles.

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