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Open Lines, Sunday, 8-2-15 August 2, 2015

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Open Lines, Sunday, 8-2-15


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Guest: Open Lines with the host and Spencer Austin-Martin; Topics: Space Show website and archive modernization, NewSpace, Virgin Galactic & NTSB Report & other timely topics. Please direct all comments and questions regarding Space Show programs/guest(s) to the Space Show blog, https://thespaceshow.wordpress.com. Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are a violation of our copyright and are not permitted without prior written consent, even if for your own use. We do not permit the commercial use of Space Show programs or any part thereof, nor do we permit editing, YouTube clips, or clips placed on other private channels & websites. Space Show programs can be quoted, but the quote must be cited or referenced using the proper citation format. Contact The Space Show for further information. In addition, please remember that your Amazon purchases can help support The Space Show/OGLF. See www.onegiantleapfoundation.org/amazon.htm. For those listening to archives using live365.com and rating the programs, please email me as to why you assign a specific rating to the show. This will help me bring better programming to the audience.


Welcome to hour two hour twelve minute Open Lines program. In the first segment which was 70 minutes in length, besides throwing out some potential topics of interest, I introduced everyone to Spencer Austin-Martin. Spencer, a Space Show listener, stepped forward earlier this year to help us out with our website problem. Since then, Spencer has designed both our support website for our upcoming Indiegogo crowdfunding project to design and build a new website plus develop a fully searchable and archival quality database. Today we launched our support website, www.supporthespaceshow.com which will compliment our Indiegogo site once we take it public next Sunday, August 9 as Spencer will be with us for the full program that day. Today, Spencer explained the basic plan for the new site, what we can do with our archives, what the benefits will be for you the listener and for researchers. We also talked about some of the specifics of our Indiegogo project & incentives. While the support site is now up and running, it will likely be tweaked a bit before next Sunday. We answered many listener questions about the new site and our campaign Later, the topic of written transcripts for the new site came up for now and the future. I understand this would be a valuable benefit for listeners and researchers but for now there are legal, financial, and other constraints associated with doing this. I spent some time explaining the issues but I did say that the new website and archives will be able to deal with written transcripts down the road if we can find out way to get over constraints, of which there are many. Dr. Doug called to promote his idea regarding key words, we had a heated discussion and we certainly disagreed as Doug would like to see a real time notation available for guest usage of key words. I have asked Doug to post his idea (succinctly I hope) on the blog so that you can fully understand what he would like and so that you can chime in on it, tweak it, love it, hate it, or all of the above. In addition in this segment and the next one, I put out a call for help with voice recognition software that I can use to help me out as I recover from major hand surgery and the lack of use of my right hand for six week, plus for down the road use with transcripts. Listen to my call for help in both segments concerning a need for a quality voice recognition program and if you can suggest one, post it on the blog or email me direct.


In the second segment, John from Ft. Worth called to talk about the recent program with Dr. Woodward as he has been reading Dr. Woodward’s book on Mach thrusters. John had some interesting comments to offer us. So far he has remained skeptical but he has not yet finished the book. We hope to hear back from him with his final analysis once he has completed the book. John also brought up Em Drive and I talked about the NASA news release confirming EM Drive results by German Scientists. Here is one of the many news releases: www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3177449/Nasa-s-impossible-fuel-free-thrusters-work-German-scientists-confirm-viability-super-fast-space-travel-slash-journey-moon-4-HOURS.html. Author Anthony Young called to talk about his experience at the NewSpace Conference earlier in July as this was his first ever space conference. Anthony gave a glowing report about the conference and I supported what he said. It was the finest NewSpace Conference I’ve attended. I asked him to comment on the Dr. Linda Billings article I mentioned up front (you can read it here – www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-inexcusable-jingoism-of-american-spaceflight-rhetoric). Anthony then spoke to the entrepreneurial panel at the conference, the networking, the Exhibit Hall and especially the virtual reality project by SpaceVR. Dwayne called to comment about the Virgin Galactic safety article I referenced from the Daily Beast sent in by Dr. Lurio. Dwayne explained the issue and mentioned that this information was appearing in lots of places but he suggested we go to www.parabolocarc.com for the latest. Doug Messier of parabolicarc.com will be our Hotel Mars guest this week on the NTSB report and related VG safety issues. Before signing off, Dwayne offered us his perspective on the Linda Billings article.


Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog above. You can reach Spencer or the callers and those sending emails through me.



1. DDAY - August 6, 2015

The problem with Doug’s idea is that it requires somebody else to do the work. Doug, if you really think this is important and worthwhile, do it yourself as a gift to The Space Show. I’m sure that they would appreciate the nice gift. Or you could just send money.

2. DougSpace - August 4, 2015

@ ThreeQuarks

The tagcloud is one way of doing it. I was actually thinking about a categorized index plus the ability to search key words. But you’re right about clicking on the topic and getting a list of shows with the time stamped links.

> and each one of those links would start the MP3 from the point at which SLS is being discussed

This was one of my questions. I know how to append a URL address to jump to a specific point in a video but is this equivalent function possible for audio files? I believe that the guest indicated that some audio cloud or something could do that. Otherwise, one could simply list the time stamp and allow the user to manually forward it to that point. But that seems unelegant.

> It would involve a tremendous amount of work – since we’re dealing with 2500 shows

Once one writes the program to find the start of the cluster of keyword mentions then one can leave the program running over night. I have in mind how to write the code to figure this out automatically. The result would be a database in which the keywords for each show are timestamped.

3. Jerry - August 4, 2015

I listened to this OL show and the new website and archival quality database are great editions to TSS. I don’t typically post on blogs including this one but I could not resist a post this time due to the idea proposed by Doug on the show and in his lengthy post here. As for the show, had I been the host, I would have hung up on Doug. I don’t know how David puts up with all the various callers and their ideas, behavior, all of it. I’m not as understanding, patient, or tolerant of nonsense. Also, Doug is one of those callers who tries to take over and monopolize the show or the segment with his long winded calls. David needs to enforce his rules on being succinct and to the point or quit mentioning it on air.
To the specific proposal by Doug is such a frivolous bells and whistles digression & so it is so predictable for the space advocate community that I had to laugh. And why TSS would devote time and resources to this idea is beyond me. I would rather see digitally produced webinars and more of them than the low resolution analog webinars produced. In fact the year is more than half over and so far there has only been webinar. I don’t have a clue as to what it would cost to go digital for TSS but it would be a great value moving forward. As such, I really hope Drspace does not invest resources in frivolous things as represented by Doug’s proposal when real upgrades to the show are needed and would make the show much better. David, I love the show but you do need upgrade enhancements of the quality type to take the show into the future. I am glad you are starting with the new website and data base. Best of luck in your campaign. I will be sure to participate once you get it started this coming Sunday.

4. threequarks - August 4, 2015

David – sorry for clogging up your comments but I had to reply to the Dr Linda Billings article you pointed out.

I’m Irish. I love the American space program. I’m male and white.

Trouble is , my daughter utterly loves this stuff too and wants to be an engineer – all thanks to the inspiration of the American space program.

So she’s Irish and female.

Now let’s get onto the race issue – I remember clear as day when Curiosity landed. You know why? Because I was in a freelance web development contract in London at the time where my colleagues were from India ,China, Australia , Malaysia , Poland ,Russia , Spain , Italy.. And England. And by God were we all excited about it.

Poorly written article – Scientific American should be ashamed of themselves. We weren’t “alienated” – we celebrated america’s success.

5. threequarks - August 4, 2015

David – your interview with Spencer was fascinating. I’ve been a Drupal freelance developer since 2008 , so I’m definitely going to check out the Indiegogo campaign and sign up as a beta tester. You guys will need another pair of eyes, and since I do Drupal for a living , I’m only too glad to help out. Great show btw David – great guests and a real “into the weeds” discussion matter. Keep it up.

6. threequarks - August 4, 2015

Doug – I totally understand what you are on about. It’s not a transcript – rather, it’s a time stamped tagcloud. So in a Drupal setting , one could build a tag cloud of topics , and then clicking on a topic would take you to a list of shows with time stamped links that take you directly to the subject matter within the mp3 file. It would be pretty awesome – imagine clicking on “SLS” and then getting an archive of time stamped links of shows where SLS is discussed – and each one of those links would start the MP3 from the point at which SLS is being discussed. It would involve a tremendous amount of work – since we’re dealing with 2500 shows – but it would be one heck of an archive.

7. joe77062 - August 3, 2015

I did not appreciate hearing David talking over Doug and cutting him off during the open lines show. I could easily tell that Doug did not appreciate it either. I understand David spouts off on his soap box (bless his heart) from time to time and that is ok. Its his show. It was however an open lines show for goodness sakes. Open means open. David, please respect the callers expressing their opinion on open line shows just like you do with your guests on the other shows.

B John - August 8, 2015

I concur. The strength of the Space Show is having guests speak their mind uninterrupted (as a contrast I watched the GOP debate and it is such a stressful format that there’s no sense to be made out of it). And Doug has very interesting ideas. David should be glad that he keeps calling in.

8. DougSpace - August 3, 2015

So, this is what I was talking about on The Show. There is a way to be able to determine the jump point for key words in an audio file in order to help people find where in the audio file to find where they key word is referring to.

Please understand and don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. I am NOT suggesting:
– That Space Show audio files be uploaded to YouTube,
– That transcripts be made available to anyone whether on a website or e-mailed or anything like that (others may want this but I am not saying this),
– That volunteers correct an autotranscript so that it becomes accurate,
– That transcription files ever be on a hackable, Internet-connected computer or that they would need to be stored on any computer for anything more than say for 3 mintues while a program finds those jump points.
– That transcription files would have to be at high-quality archival-level so that future historians could go back to them.

All of these things were used to describe my suggestion but none of them are what I was saying.

RATHER, one could take a Space Show audio file, have an off-line computer program autotranscribe them into a text file. Then the off-line computer takes the text file and finds where within the file those key words are mentioned and then identifies the first time stamp of that cluster.

After the jump points for the keywords were found, the transcription file would be permanently deleted. In this scenario no human eyes would ever be laid on the transcription text and after being deleted, no human eyes could ever look at them. There would be no folder on anyone’s computer with transcription files. No hackers (even if they wanted to) could access those deleted files. The security risk would be zero.

But, is it possible to do this process? Yes. As an example, I took a YouTube file of Bolden giving a speech and YouTube has an autotranscription system.

DISCLAIMER: Just because I got a transcript from a YouTube video in no way means that I am suggesting that we upload Space Show files in order to use their transcription system. I am not, OK? But it is the only readily available example that I have to work with to demonstrate what I am talking about.

So, I took that autotranscription file, parsed it, tallied the words, sorted it by word frequency, and found keywords that stood out. These last two steps would be unnecessary with the Space Show files because David has already determined the keywords. Then I looked at where the keywords appeared in clusters meaning that the keywords were being mentioned frequently meaning that it was the topic of discussion. Then I chose the time stamp at the beginning of the discussion.

Here is that Bolden presentation and the time stamps of where these things were being discussed. Mind you, I didn’t have to watch the video, I didn’t transcribe any part of the video, the transcription system (although not perfect) was able to pick out the key words along with other words. Although The Space Show deals with technical topics the words used are recognizable (e.g. asteroid, gravity, Mars, artificial, policy, centrifuge, etc). I did look at the video at the jump points identified and confirmed that this process did a very good job identifying the beginning of the period in which the key words were discussed.

1:20 – Kelly
15:29 – Asteroid
16:54 – Station
27:56 – Asteroid
36:24 – Commercial
43:28 – Commercial
52:52 – Shuttle

I think that I have been clear in explaining my suggestion. Technically it works. There is no reasonable basis for fear that anyone’s words would be taken out of context because no transcripts would be available. Rather, all I was talking about was getting accurate time stamps for the keywords and so help people find where, within large audio files, topics of their interests were being discussed.

joe77062 - August 3, 2015

Hi Doug! This is a really great idea. Great ideas demand an experiment or two. Keep them coming!

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