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Space Show Website Project Update, Friday, 8-21-15 August 22, 2015

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New Perks for The Space Show Website & Archives Modernization Program!


  1. Become a Space Show Sponsor! We are offering you a very rare, unique and valuable sponsorship opportunity. You can have your banner across the top of the new Space Show website. In addition, your 60 second message will be read on air on each Space Show program. You will reach in excess of 20,000 a month on website hits alone as we are integrating our blog with our website. Your 60 second message will be heard by thousands more as they download and listen to Space Show programs, even a program that is five years old! For this special website and archives project, we are just about giving this away at $500.00 for the year. Secure your main banner spot before this perk sells out!


  1. Spread your message throughout the space community and more via our Space Show Listener Voices perk for only $50. Have you wanted to present your idea, theory, or suggested policy to thousands of people that will actually listen to you? Now’s your chance with The Space Show’s “Listener Voices Corner” perk. With this perk for the low cost of $50, you can have a one minute message broadcasting your special space thoughts across The Space Show website for a year. Listener Voices will appear on the right side bar of the home page and you are permitted a thumbnail image and a brief quote presenting your MP3. You can change your message once a month for the year.


  1. Would you like to Beta Test the new website? You can for this $100 perk. Be among the insiders who will beta test with web designer Spencer all aspects and features of the new website before it is ever disclosed to the public. This will include the new integrated blog with comments. Beta Testers will earn the distinction of Technical Advisor on The Space Show website Honor Roll.


Check out the rest of our campaign perks at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/oglf-and-the-space-show-modernization-campaign/x/11584678#/story. For more details, visit our support site at http://www.supportthespaceshow.com.


Join with us in creating not just a new, benefit rich website for TSS, but also a fully searchable, data rich and archival quality database made to order to serve you for all your space needs. Spread the word about our campaign through your contacts and social media. For this to happen, we need your support and participations so jump right in, the water is better than fine!


Thank you.


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show


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