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Can You Search This Database? (You can but see below!!) August 27, 2015

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Can You Search This Data Base?

(Yes you can but only on our new site. For details see www.supportthespaceshow.com)

Let’s go searchin now

Everybody’s learnin how

Come on and search with me


The only problem with this is that nobody’s “learnin” how and here’s why:

This is a small sample of our pre-2008 database:


Dec/31/2007              Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz

Dec/30/2007             John Spencer

Dec/28/2007             Dr. George Robinson, attorney.

Dec/26/2007             Dr. Robert Farquhar.

Dec/24/2007             Robert Zimmerman.

Dec/23/2007             Dennis Wingo.

Can you search this data base for Space Show content, key words, various subjects and more? You can’t because there were no key words prior to 2008 and there is no interactive search capability with any of our programs in our current database. If you want to search pre-2008 programs, you could search for a particular guest name or the date, that’s all. If you make a note of the date and return to our home page on our existing website, then scroll down to the bottom to our chronological search engine, you can pull up each archived show and read the short summary and guest bio but there is no search capability or linkage of the bios and the summaries. Programs after 2008 do have key words but there is still no interactive search capability with our existing website and archives. By the way, we had 863 Space Show programs before we started using key words in January 2008 so about a third of our database is virtually invisible should you want to search for information, themes, data, or even subjects with these early Space Show programs.

You can help change this by supporting our campaign to modernize our website and archives. Not only will the website change for the good with features like an integrated blog using Disqus for comments, all our programs will have key words, be fully searchable, and our archives will equal the finest in archival quality. Join us in our Indiegogo campaign and help spread the word through your social networks. We need your support and help to bring to life the new website and archives. Check out our participation perks that include rare opportunities for Space Show sponsorship with banner messages as well as a verbal message on each show, hosting, co-hosting and many other incentives. You can even record a monthly short message and have it play on our homepage. For more information, visit our support site at www.supportthespaceshow.com. From there you can easily go to our Indiegogo campaign site. We are close to our goal. Please help us get there.

Thank you.

Dr. Space

Host, The Space Show


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