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The Space Show Website& Archive Development Campaign Update August 31, 2015

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The Space Show Website& Archive Development Campaign Update

August 31, 2015

With just one week to go for our campaign to develop the new Space Show website and archival quality archives of our more than 2,500 Space Show programs, there is still time to join us as a co-host on select programs, have your voice heard by thousands on the topic of your choice with our Listener Voices program, host a full Space Show program, or even be a guest on a Space Show program. These and the other special incentive perks on our Campaign website and Support The Space Show website are unique to this campaign only and are not available outside of the campaign. We also have a few sponsorship opportunities left as we already have four new sponsors with a banner statement and their message to be read on each program. Help us reach our goal as we are almost there with a week to go. Spread the word through your social media networks and join us in our campaign. We need your support and partnership to make these great new changes a reality for TSS. Remember too, along with the support perk you select, as a nonprofit, your gifts to TSS/OGLF are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We are starting our final campaign push and we hope you join us. Come on, how can you pass up the opportunity to co-host a Space Show program or host your own program or even be a guest (remember, we don’t accept self-invited guests so this really is a rare opportunity to be interviewed about your ideas and work on the Space Show). Or how can you pass up getting your message out to thousands in the space community on a regular basis either through Listener Voices or by being a Space Show sponsor. I am happy to answer your questions, just email me at drspace@thespaceshow.com.



As always, we thank you for your support and for spreading the word.

Dr. Space


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