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The Space Show Website and Archives Modernization Campaign September 1, 2015

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The Space Show Website and Archives Modernization Campaign

For the Guests and the Listeners

September 1, 2015

As a guest or a listener to The Space Show, you have likely heard about our website and archives modernization campaign now underway. You might even be asking yourself if this matters to you and if so, why or how. The answer is that it definitely does matter to you so let me tell you why and how you benefit from these important new changes to our website and archives.


First, for you the guest on The Space Show, what’s in it for you and why should you care if we modernize the website and start providing searchable, archival quality archives which will include all your Space Show interviews? Most guests, probably you as well, come on the show to discuss their work, their space or related company, their ideas, perhaps an academic paper and presentation, a book they have written, an upcoming conference or event, or something specific they want to share with our audience. Right now, the ability to search for your programs and the current one are very limited because of our 13 year old website with the lack of a searchable data base. This means that the exposure you get for your work and all of the above has been and will continue to be limited unless we modernize how we present our Space Show programming to the audience and how we archive our shows. With the new website and our archival quality archive database, the constraint due to outdate technology will be gone. Lot’s more people will have easy access to your Space Show discussions, past and present. If you have a book you want us to know about, hundreds if not thousands more will know about it as new listeners will be attracted to the design, functionality, and easy use of our archives. Also, since our blog will become part of our website and comments will be managed using Disqus, audience participation will start to increase both for live and the archived programs. All of this means considerably more coverage for your work and ideas. Possibly more book sales. Lots more attention to your ideas and theories. Should this matter to you? I sure hope so!


For you the listener, what do these changes mean for you? In many ways, the benefits flowing to the guests will flow to you as well. Many of you call or email the show because you also have great ideas, theories, and wisdom that is expressed in the way you question or even challenge a guest. Many of you have your own work you want to call to our attention. Over the years, many of you have used calling and emailing the show as a path to being a guest on The Space Show. Imagine what it would mean to you to have a substantially larger and growing audience to speak with, not just on one show but for future shows. How about knowing your comments and questions will be part of our new searchable data base so your contribution to The Space Show and the industry will be easier to detect and reference by those needing to research Space Show programs. The bottom line is that you will benefit from our website and archival improvements just at the guests will benefit from these changes.


Our campaign has moved into its final few days. We not only need your participation in our campaign, we also need support and your help in spreading the word about our campaign through your social media. When you visit our Indiegogo Campaign site, www.indiegogo.com/projects/oglf-and-the-space-show-modernization-campaign#/story, you will see lots of fascinating and never before offered perks including being a co-host on the show, making a short monthly statement to the global Space Show audience, hosting your own show or being a guest on the program. We have other perks available as well so there are lots of ways and different levels for you to participate in our campaign. But we are in our final days so time is short. Join us now and help spread the word. Please remember that as a 501C3 nonprofit, your contributions to us are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If you are on the fence about participating, join our campaign now because when it ends, the opportunities you see listed on the campaign site will no longer be available.


Thanks. Your support is very much appreciated.


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show/OGLF


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