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Website and Archives Campaign Update, Friday, 9-4-15 September 4, 2015

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Space Show Website and Archives Modernization Campaign Update

Friday, Sept. 4, 2015

The Space Show wishes all of you a very happy Labor Day Holiday Weekend. Our campaign is now T-4 days left and closing fast so no time left for straddlers and fence sitters. Don’t miss out on our one of a kind participation offers with The Space Show. Remember, when our campaign ends, so do the one of a kind and exciting specials. Check them out again and don’t miss out. As a reminder, you can be a co-host or host your own show, or even better yet, finally be that self-invited guest because for our campaign, you can do that. Do you like to talk? Do you have something important to say to the space world? If so, then how can you miss out on the opportunity afforded you through Listener Voices. The Space Show is offering you a voice to the world. Come on, speak up, let us hear what you have to say. Being shy or even being afraid of success does not work on The Space Show. Take a risk with the rest of us, OK? Step up and let us hear what you have to say with new messages monthly. And then there is our special logo collection consisting of our new T-shirt and all black coffee mug with our new, special edition logo, only to be used for this campaign. Dr. Benaroya’s classic and timeless book, “Turning Dust Into Gold,” is available but there are only four left. Dr. Benaroya will personally autograph the book for you. When we are finally on the Moon again and have cislunar transportation, this will be one of those pave the way books you will be glad to have in your collection. And it will have the author’s personal autograph to you. Other once in a lifetime perks include the full collection of Space Show programs through the year 2015 on our Space Show logo external hard drive plus the chance to get two hours of business consulting. Finally, how can one pass up being a Space Show Sponsor? For the first time ever your own banner going across our new home page plus a short message read on air on every single Space Show program for a year. Unbelievable. When I step back and take a look at what The Space Show is offering, someone (I wonder who) must have been drinking his own Kool Aid or visiting that infamous La La Land talked about on so many Space Show programs. So there you have it. Just four more days to become a Space Show participant, get acknowledged on our new website honor roll board, and forever receive the thanks from all the people today and into the future that will love the new site and benefit from finally having archival quality fully searchable archives with an integrated blog and top notch comment system from Disqus. Can you afford to let these Space Show opportunities slip by into history without grabbing at least one of them for your own benefit? Come on, we all know you can’t let this opportunity slip through your hands. Join with us and also help spread the word through your own social media network.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign site @ www.indiegogo.com/projects/oglf-and-the-space-show-modernization-campaign/x/11584678#/story. Our support site with tons of additional information can be found at www.supportthespaceshow.com. We are very close to our goal so please help us get there and become an active part of our Space Show community, not just a sit back and listen to passive Space Show supporter. Jump in, the water is fine. Make sure you keep looing up on the way down to the splash!

Thank you for your support and faithful listening to the show.




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