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Website Modernization Campaign Update, Tuesday, 9-8-15 September 8, 2015

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The Space Show Website & Archives Project Update

Tuesday, Sept.. 8, 2015

Good Morning Space Show supporters. WE DID IT!!! We went over the top on our campaign yesterday morning. Thank you very much for your support, your networking help and your faithful listening to The Space Show. With 16 hours remaining for our campaign, we are funded at 112% of our goal ($11,170) and that number continues to increase. 126 (so far) of you joined us in this campaign to help create the new type of website we have all wanted for years and to finally have a searchable database with archival quality archives plus a blog that makes sense and is integrated into the website. In addition to your campaign support, many of you have been sending me emails telling me what The Space Show has meant and still does mean to you. Honestly, I am overwhelmed by your outpouring of support, praise, thanks and giving to The Space Show, plus your thanks and show of appreciation to me. I am truly humbled by this experience. I only wish I knew you all in person, that I could shake your hands in person, & thank you for your support in person but the internet must suffice. We are all connected via our love and interest for all things space. I also understand that I have a huge responsibility to live up to your thanks and support. Rest assured, I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

As we approach the final hour of our campaign, our first crowdfunding campaign ever by the way, we still have perks and Space Show opportunities available for you and everyone interested in The Space Show and what we do for space development and exploration. Just because we are winding down and are more than 12% over our goal, it does not mean we can’t benefit from your continued support. The additional funding will allow us to consider some additional enhancements to new The Space Show website. For example, we are looking into building in the structure to do selective written transcripts. We want the website to have the capability to do this once we resolve the issues around written transcripts. Issues we have talked about on many Space Show programs so I won’t go over them now. Thus, your continued support up to the final bell is needed and greatly appreciated. We do have a few sponsorships remaining plus the Listener Voice, host your own show, be your own guest and co-host a show in addition to the logo items and more. Check out the latest on our campaign site, www.indiegogo.com/projects/oglf-and-the-space-show-modernization-campaign/x/11584678#/story. For more details, check our or support site, www.supportthespaceshow.com. Once our campaign has ended and we have all the supporter details from Indiegogo, we will begin processing the perks and sending you The Space Show/One Giant Leap thank you and acknowledgement letter.

There is still time for you to jump right in and support our campaign. Also know that our entire design and implementation team and I really do appreciate your support and what you have made possible for The Space Show.

One final note. I want to specifically thank both Spencer Austin-Martin for his exceptional design work and Indiegogo campaign management as he kept us going, no doubt about it. Spencer is already hard at work with the beginning phase of the new website design. I also want to thank Tom Driggers for saving our you know what and keeping our existing website going when the mud hit the fan earlier this year. We had no downtime thanks to Tom, plus he has been instrumental in much of the behind the scenes work with the campaign and the new website. Without Spencer and Tom, none of this would ever have happened. So to Tom and Spencer, I thank you very much for your contributions to The Space Show.


Dr. David Livingston



1. Matt from Switzerland - September 8, 2015

Go, space show!!

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