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Dr. Doug Haynes, Friday, 11-6-15 November 7, 2015

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Dr. Doug Haynes, Friday, 11-6-15


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Guest: Dr. Doug Haynes.  Topics: Blue Ridge Nebula Starline, Blue Ridge Airlines, Haynes Saucer, airline to Mars and more.  Please direct all comments and questions regarding Space Show programs/guest(s) to the Space Show blog, https://thespaceshow.wordpress.com.  Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are a violation of our copyright and are not permitted without prior written consent, even if for your own use. We do not permit the commercial use of Space Show programs or any part thereof, nor do we permit editing, YouTube clips, or clips placed on other private channels & websites. Space Show programs can be quoted, but the quote must be cited or referenced using the proper citation format. Contact The Space Show for further information. In addition, please remember that your Amazon purchases can help support The Space Show/OGLF. See www.onegiantleapfoundation.org/amazon.htm.  For those listening to archives using live365.com and rating the programs, please email me as to why you assign a specific rating to the show. This will help me bring better programming to the audience.


We welcomed back to the show Dr. Doug Haynes for updates with his Haynes Saucer, Blue Ridge Nebula Starline, Blue Nebula company and his work to fly to Mars offering airline like service.  During the first segment of our 1 hour 16 minute program, Doug went over the history of his aviation and space business development.  He talked about Phase 1 in the 70s, Phase 2 in the 90s, and Phase 3 which is his current phase.  He said his Haynes Saucer was certified by the FAA and the number was 7111NH.  He also talked about his previous work with DARPA and composites.  In response to a listener email, he said he currently had an experimental certification but would transfer to a regular certification soon.  Jack asked him about visiting his facilities. Doug suggested attending his Open House programs which he holds a few times a year. He also talked about the potential of private visits to his Colorado facilities.  I asked him about the size of his operations and how many people he employed.  Doug listed the positions and team spots & said he was still growing.  Terry asked him about his saucer propulsion. Doug said it had three different aspects to it but in general it was ion propulsion with constant 1 g acceleration using gravitics. He said his hover craft used tip drive.  Later, I asked how he generated electricity for his saucer.  Don’t miss his response to this question.  Shelly asked him about human medical factors such as microgravity, radiation, etc.  He said he does not worry much about them due to his very fast transit times with his advanced gravitic propulsion.  Again, don’t miss his full response to this question.  As for vehicle size, it is roughly 9 passengers or less with a crew size of 2, all in his ejection pod which you can see in the pictures on the website as a huge glass like bubble on the top of the saucer.


In the second segment, he was asked about his pilots having space flight experience.  He said this was not necessary given they are running an airline plus his very fast propulsion.  Don’t miss all of what he had to say on this.  Clark in Chicago emailed in about the need for heavy lift re payloads & useful payloads to Mars.  He said he was running an airline so he goes orbit to orbit but again, don’t miss all of what he had to say n this topic.  He did explain how passengers would get to the Martian surface, then he was asked if he was cooperating or at least talking to other space companies for participation.  He mentioned Mars One several times as a possibility.  The next subject was ticket prices.  He explained that he was pricing his tickets using the same format as airlines, revenue per passenger mile.  He was going to charge $5 per revenue mile.  I pointed out what it would cost to do a one way 60 million mile flight (not including trajectory distance for reasons you will understand when hearing this conversation), then later he said he would be charging a flat fee of $2 million for the trip.  Spaceports were the next topic as he has been working on establishing the Colorado Space Port at the Front Range Airport near Denver International.  Doug talked about horizontal takeoff and landing only, his escape pod, his takeoff, igniting his engines about 45,000 feet to go to space.  Wayne asked about the Dept. of Defense interest in his project and he said he had been in touch with DOD officials and those channels were open.  Near the end of the show, I asked Doug to explain his E-drive AAMPP which he did.


Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog above.  You can reach Doug or subscribe to his email newsletter by using the email address on his websites in the right hand corner.  He uses the “dehas” email.  If you want to subscribe to his newsletter, which I strongly recommend for its entertainment and interest qualities, tell him you heard him on TSS.


1. John Jossy - November 11, 2015


I found the show entertaining and literally out of this world! 😉 I went to Dr. Haynes’ website and it was hard to navigate, the videos were very poor quality and difficult to follow, so I couldn’t get very far on due diligence. Your comment on the integrity of his email list is thought provoking though. More will definitely be revealed in time. Have you, or do you know of anyone who has gone to his open house?

Fremont John

2. Ken Murphy - November 10, 2015

When I look up the tail number noted at the FAA N-number search site (http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/nnum_inquiry.aspx) it comes up as invalid. 7111 comes up as a Cessna, while 711NH is a de-registered Embraer. Is there a different number I should check?

3. The Space Show - November 10, 2015

Space Show Listeners:

I’m a bit surprised by the reaction to my having brought Dr. Doug Haynes back as a guest to The Space Show. I believe this was his third appearance on the show. This tells me that despite my having shared one of my key Space Show strategies with all of you on the air multiple times, you either missed those shows, have forgotten it, or you were so taken back by Doug and his comments, that you forgot how I apply this key strategy.

As host of the program, I do try to give all parties some air time for their ideas, even the craziest of crazy space advocates. Over the years, I have interviewed some space advocates, members of space advocacy organizations and independents, that top Doug for being whacky by million of miles. Some even manage to raise money from the public for their schemes, many of which have been outright fraud though most are just victims of fantasy land space advocacy. While I do put people from these groups on the show, since there are many times more of the whacky and fantasy driven space dreamers than there are solid thinking folks, I have to limit the number during a year or the show would be taken over by them or turned into an infomercial and that I won’t let happen. As for Doug Haynes, I find him to be an interesting guy, he is really polite, considerate, and nice, he has an enviable mailing list (the emails and names are disclosed on it) and from what I can tell, very notable people do not ask to be removed from the list as they have been on it for years and the list grows. Do I believe Doug can be successful in what he is talking about, no, of course not. Do I believe most space cadets calling the show with this or that theory or project will ever see their theory proven or project implemented? Of course not, even if they raised thousands of dollars from the public. Even among the well grounded and solid thinking people that I interview only a fraction of them will ever see their wok, project or theory show up in reality. So why all the heat on Doug? Because he says inconsistent things, talks about technologies and things that don’t seem real, that he seems to be a whack job and over the top, easily discernable from the smooth talking space cadet scam artist?

Let me again tell you my strategy for interviewing guests. First, I do not agree with what all guests talk about. Most often I do not share my own beliefs on this or that but sometimes I do and I am pretty clear about it when I do. Even with guests that I support I will challenge them with provocative questions or questions that force them to “convince” us of what he or she says. But more to the point, I have total trust and faith in The Space Show audience to be able to evaluate what a guest says and decide if its worthwhile or garbage. I trust each and every one of you to do that without my having to filter the guest or determine what you should not hear what a person has to say. Hardly ever am I disappointed in trusting the audience. As for the guest, even my friends and popular repeat guests plus repeat guests that are not so popular, I am not wedded to the success or outcome of what they talk about or how they do on the show. I do offer guests suggestions and pointers for having a good show but many ignore my advice and the show tanks or gets low ratings. So here is what I do. I will help the guest be the best he or she can be or to be a fool before all of you if that is what the guest wants. I don’t care which it is. It is up to the guest as to his being an expert or a fool. It is all based on what the guest says, how he/she says it, the ideas, the concept, the theory, the grasp of the components that support what the guest is talking about, all of it. So if a guest wants to be over the top, ungrounded in engineering, reality, finances, policy, or if he/she posses a belief system that $5 per pound to LEO or BLEO is just around the corner with “my” new propulsion system. I will help the guest make those points though deep inside I know the guest is going to get slammed. But hey, if that is what happens, it is not because I put the guy on the show or you did not like what was said, it happens because you heard what the guest talked about, your discernment and your BS detector kicked in. In other words, I thank you for validating my strategy and trust in the ability of TSS audience to detect what is real from that which is likely pretty far from real.

Finally, I believe that most all ideas and people deserve to be heard, even if they get slammed and I know that they are going to be slammed ahead of time. Even if they are out there in looney tunes land. My job is to expose TSS audience to the full range and sometimes glory and sometimes garbage of what comprises our industry, to those that work in it and those that are enthusiasts and advocates. Unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day nor money to put 100% of everyone on the show so I am selective and I have rules and turn down many that I believe the audience would gasp at what they might hear, plus topics that are low priority for me. As for Doug Haynes, I like the guy. I find him entertaining and an interesting person to pursue what he is pursuing over and over again. That makes him interesting. He does not scam anyone, he does not try his space project this or that this year, then move on to the next thing. He sticks with it and he believes in himself and what he says. His story evolves and that fascinates me. It warrants my letting him have air time once a year or every 18 months or so. He never disappoints me and TSS audience never disappoints me when they hear the interview.

For those of you who think I should never put someone such as Doug Haynes on the show in the first place, had you not heard him, you would not be in a position to know what you know about his work and have a strong opinion on it. Again, exposing ideas and projects to the light of day is important and that is one of the reasons I invite Doug to the show and many others to the show.

Finally, I frequently advise all of you to not trust what you hear on the show and if you are really interested in the topic, spend some time and do your own due diligence. This applies to what I say as well. You can trust but always verify. Since none of us have time to verify or do due diligence on every single topic and issue heard on TSS, the best we can do is trust our own judgment and discernment. And that is what I trust TSS audience to do. My trust in the audience and my strategy was verified in the case on this show though I’m surprised that so many of you suggest I never have him or people such as him on the show in the first place. If I did that, then you would not know about him and his work, would you? In the end, I think the interview with Dr. Doug Haynes was successful. Doug got additional air time to discuss his work and projects and technology. The audience got a chance to hear it and act accordingly. A win win for us all, including TSS as it absolutely verified key components of my Space Show interview strategy.

Dr. Space (David Livingston)

Matthias Hutter - November 11, 2015

thanks for the response – Matt

4. Matthias Hutter - November 10, 2015

Agreed – I’m disappointed that Dr. Space has a unworldly credulous guest like him on the show.

He claims to be able to go faster than the speed of light claiming relativity is wrong, a perpetuum mobile energy system that’s much lighter than solar panel and a propulsion system that’s light and powerful enough to get people to mars in a week in any orbit position.

All that while he’s barely managed to hover over the ground.

B John - November 10, 2015

Come on, it’s a radio show. Dr. Space is researching all kinds of interests for space flight. This was obviously a dud, but it required the interview for us all to learn about it.

Matthias Hutter - November 11, 2015

Dr. Doug Haynes has been on the space show multiple times, first in Jun/9/2006.

5. Mark - November 9, 2015

I love Dr. Space and the Space Show, but … I have nothing positive to say about this guest, so I’ll let it stand at that. I don’t think it is worth Dr. Space’s and the audience’s time to bring this guest on the show ever again. To not be obscure, if someone hadn’t listenened to this episode, the guest has a ship in the shape of a flying saucer that will take us to Mars in one week by generating a gravitational distortion field by rotating a magnet to create electricity… I haven’t dumped the Space Show in the middle in a long time, but that did it. I seem to remember the same guest on the show before, and I think I hadn’t finished listening to his previous appearance, either…

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