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Space Show Indiegogo Perk Update 11-19-15 November 19, 2015

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Space Show Indiegogo Perk Update 11-19-15

Dear Listeners and Indiegogo participants.  I would like to provide this Indiegogo Perk Update for you.

First, all the lapel pins have been mailed and you should have received yours by now, even those of you outside the United States.  Please advise if you have not yet received your lapel pin

Next, I am working on the t-shirt and mug requests.  I am trying to give the companying doing this a master list of who gets what, size when applicable, and mailing address.  This is still being negotiated with the company because they want me to place each order online individually which requires a massive amount of time on my part.  I don’t see why they can’t operate off a master list that I supply them for mugs and t-shirts but I hope to get this resolved one way or the other before Thanksgiving so these orders can be promptly processed as soon as possible once the procedure has been confirmed

Regarding the other perks, they become effective when the new site is up and running.  Spencer ran into some problems using the existing subdomains so we are changing some of the archive and future upload methods, plus recoding so that the old shows can be found and played from the subdomain.  We are waiting for a few more banners from sponsors.  The Listener Voices program on the home page is up and ready so when the site is ready to go live, Spencer will contact each of you who have that perk and instruct you how to upload your message.  Hosting and co-host participants note that when the site goes live, that is when we are ready for you to create your own program or co-host a program.  The remaining perks will be fulfilled when applicable for the respective perk.

Please let me know if you have any perk questions

Thanks again for your support.

David Livingston, Hos

The Space Show


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