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Space Show News and Updates, Friday, 12-25-15 December 25, 2015

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Space Show News and Updates

December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and that it continues right on through New Years into 2016.  Here at Space Show headquarters, we have been busy getting the new website up and running for the New Year and much more.  Thus, I thought I would give you an update on what we are doing.

Regarding the Indiegogo perks, all the lapel pins, mugs and T-shirts have been ordered and shipped. If you have not received your item, please let me know so I can check into what happened to the order.  I mailed the lapel pins nearly two months ago.  All the mugs and T-shirts were sent directly by the company Spreadshirt after Thanksgiving so anyone missing their item needs to assume it has been lost.  Again, let me know so I can check into the shipping to find out what happened or to make sure that your order was correctly processed in the first place.

Regarding the other perks from our Indiegogo campaign and the progress on launching our new website, we have had several delays. First, the additional perks become effective when the new website launches.  As for the delays, we have had many including some technical, some due to my schedule, and some due to Spencer’s workload as he is the one doing the new site.  While we have much remaining to do, including my learning how to upload shows, do the blog & the new website newsletter, plus other new features, getting the site up for the beginning of the year is our priority.  We may still be tweaking it once it is up, especially if you find flaws here and there, a program not working,  the donor honor role not yet available or something else.  However, we want to start working the new site no later than January 1 as there are some format changes for the programs and the way I will manage the show on air and those changes should start with the first program of 2016.  As soon as the new site is up, I will be contacting the other Indiegogo perk buyers to let them know that they need to plan for hosting, co-hosting, being a guest and the other time related perks such as Listener Voices.

As you know, we are in the final stages of our annual fund raising efforts for 2015. I will send out one final fund raising note this weekend to remind everyone that we do need your support.  Remember, your contributions keep The Space Show on the air and allow us to continue to distribute our content free of charge to everyone.  If you have not already done so, please support us.  For those of you that are frequent guests on the program, remember, we provide you with air time and promotional reach for your views, products, website, work and more.  Please support us in return.

Regarding 2016 programming, about half of January is already booked and we are starting to book the balance of the first quarter. If you have guest suggestions for us, please send them to me.  I will respond quickly regarding your suggestion.  If you know the person you are suggesting, let me know as it always helps to have a personal recommendation.  It will also help if you can provide the person’s email address as I invite guests to the show via email.

I’m looking forward to a great 2016 for The Space Show. We start off with terrific guests including Tuesday evening, July 5 with ULA  CEO Tory Bruno.  Keep your program and guest suggestions coming and please continue to support The Space Show.

My best to all of you for good close to 2015 and for your best year ever in 2016.



Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show


1. B John - January 3, 2016

For the web site, I suggest prominent buttons to listen live and as link to this blog. I think that more callers would be generated if the next show’s date and time and guest (and title or theme) is the first thing a new visitor sees.

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