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No More Live365.com, Sunday, 1-31-16 January 31, 2016

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No More Live365.com, Sunday, 1-31-16


Live365.com for live streaming and random archive playing of Space Show programs is done.  The company has gone out of business and we can no longer stream using this service.  It will soon be removed from our Listen Live Space Show menu item.

To listen to our live shows, use Fast-Serv.  All the links and the Fast-Serv button have been checked and rechecked and they should work.  In addition, our new streaming service with StreamGuys is up and running. On the Listen Live menu button at the top left of the home page, you can go to Listen Live and you will see both Fast-Serv and the embedded HTML5 player for StreamGuys.

Please report any problems to me via email or using the toll free line for today’s Open Line show.

Thank you.

David Livingston (DrSpace)

Live365.com Streaming Is Ending – Read Below January 16, 2016

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Live365.com Streaming Is Ending – Read Below

January 16, 2016

Dear Listeners:

Live365.com has notified its customers that it is going out of business effective January 31, 2016.  I have copied their notice below so you can read it for yourselves.  We have been streaming with Live365.com since The Space Show started so we are very sorry to get this news and to end what has been a good relationship.

Live365 suggested other streaming companies plus we are doing our own research to come up with a replacement streaming company.  In the meantime, starting Feb. 1, Fast-Serv will be our sole streaming company unless we have started up with a new company by then.  Be sure to follow the news on getting a new streaming company here on The Space Show Announcement Blog.  If you have a recommendation for a high quality online radio streaming company, please email it to me.

Here is the Live365.com going out of business notice:

Dear Live365 Broadcasters,

You should have already received our notification and link to the press release regarding two issues that have affected Live365 in the last few weeks.

1.       The CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of the small webcaster percentage of revenue plans. At this time there is no small webcaster options except for full CRB rates.

2.       Live365’s long time investors have stopped funding us.  As a result, we are no longer able to sustain our service

We are sad that we are closing our doors at the end of this month. There are always possibilities that we can come back in one form or another, but at this point in time, January 31, 2016 is the last day that Live365’s streaming servers and website will be maintained and supported.

This is a surprise to us as it is to all of you.   We are proud that Live365 was a pioneer in the streaming music business and have provided a platform to hundreds of thousands of broadcasters to have a voice over the years.

Unfortunately, we have to say good bye.

To ease the transition for you, we have spoken to a number of other streaming providers that can provide services for your broadcasts.


Budget of over $100/month + Direct Licensing w/SoundExchange or Streamlicensing.com agreement

Streamguyswww.streamguys.com – Live365’s recommended provider of streaming services for high end internet radio broadcasts and simulcasts.

Just fill out the form at https://www.streamguys.com/index.php/order

Let them know you are from Live365. 

Need Royalty Coverage?

If you need to have royalty coverage for your broadcast, we recommend licensing directly with SoundExchange. This removes many uncertainties and any middleman.   If licensing directly is something you cannot or will not take on yourself then we would recommend going with one of the following providers

Streamlicensing.com – They offer licensing coverage with specific reporting and rules. You may be able to use them with your preferred provider. Please see their website for details. They do not provide streaming just licensing.

Radionomy – http://www.radionomy.com/en/static/produce – They provide “free” streaming with royalty coverage though you will need to hit certain monthly listening hour caps to remain on the service. Broadcasters smaller than 5,000 monthly hours are not recommended.

SecureNet and Streamlicensing.com – http://cir.st/ and http://www.streamlicensing.com – This combination will provide you with some level of royalty coverage. SecureNet will provide you a discounted fee. Please contact Diego Baeza at dbaeza@cir.st or call 954.481.9402 x204.

We are honored to have served your needs over the last decade and a half.  It has been a wild ride both economically, from the pre-dotcom bust days all the way through the Great Recession, as well as technologically, with internet radio going from an unknown, quirky, muddy idea to a ubiquitous technology that hundreds of millions enjoy. Sadly, Live365’s portion of the ride is ending.

Again, streaming services and website access will not be supported beyond 1/31/2016.

We have extremely limited resources with the current skeleton crew. We regret that we will not be able to respond to all of you, so we apologize in advance.

All the best,

The Live365 Team



Again, if you have any live streaming suggestions, please email them to me at drspace@thespaceshow.com.  We will of course keep you updated through this announcement blog.

David Livingston

ALERT ALERT ALERT! Wednesday, 1-13-16 January 13, 2016

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ALERT ALERT ALERT!  Wednesday, 1-13-16


Dear Listeners:

We have detected a browser issue on many of our old shows.  While all the file and data are present, using the Internet Explorer browser, the time stamp if you are listening to the show off the website is incorrect and you may be missing about half the show.  If you download the program, all of the file is there and it is working fine.  If you use the Chrome browser, this problem does not exist.  If you are using Firefox, the programs may not work and often it will say the program is not yet archived though it is archived.  We don’t know if this problem exists on Safari or other browsers so if you use Safari or something else, we would appreciate your feedback on this issue.

If you want to listen to the show stream without downloading it, for the 2015 programs and earlier, until we can figure out what is going on and fix the problem, I urge you to use the Chrome browser.  If you are downloading the shows, you can use either Chrome or IE.   For Firefox users, I apologize.  The problem seems to be the most severe with this browser.  Until we can fix the problem, please use one of the other browsers.  I will keep you posted on our progress in resolving these issues.

Your feedback is welcome.  Also, if you have any ideas as to why this problem is happening, especially with the 2015 and older shows, we want to hear from you and consider your suggested solution.  So again, we want your feedback and ideas.

Thank you for your patience and we work through the new website bugs and fix these problems.

All the best,


Space Show Notice, Friday, 1-8-16 January 9, 2016

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Space Show Notice, Friday, 1-8-16

Shipment of Dr. James Dewar Nuclear Power Book

Please be advised that for those of you who supported The Space Show with a contribution for the autographed copy of the Dr. James Dewar nuclear propulsion book, your book was mailed to you today.  I used the U.S. mail for all books though those mailed to U.S. addresses were able to be assigned a tracking number.  For the three books going to Australia and Saudi Arabia, the use of a post office tracking number was prohibitively expensive so they were sent to you via regular air mail.  For the books going to a domestic destination, you should expect your book by the end of next week.  I was told the three books mailed outside the United States should be delivered within ten to 14 days.

Please let me know when you receive your copy of Dr. Dewar’s book.

Thank you very much for your support of The Space Show and participation in this special end of the program.

The Space Show thanks Dr. Dewar for making the books available as a Space Show fund raising project.


David Livingston,

Host of The Space Show

Space Show Website Feedback January 5, 2016

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Space Show Website Feedback

Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016

Dear Listeners:

We hope you are finding the new Space Show website to your liking.  We do want your feedback, good or bad, so please email it to both Spencer and me. Also, if you are reporting a problem with the site, the shows, anything, please be specific so we can find what you are talking about and fix the problem.  We cannot do that when you are general, just using a key word to describe a show with a bad link, or anything like that.  If you are reporting a show that does not work, please give us the name of the guest and the date so we can do what we have to do to fix the problem.  Avoid broad and dramatic generalizations.  Again, be as specific as possible to help us understand what it is you are reporting.

In addition, tell us if you are using a PC or a Mac. Also, what type of smartphone you may be using and how new is it. We can tweak the mobile platforms but we need to know the one you are using  so we can find it and fix it.

Thank you for your feedback. We want to hear from you, fix the glitches, and make some changes where appropriate.  Help us do that by giving us specific, to the point and helpful feedback.


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show

DrSpace:  drspace@thespaceshow.com

Spencer:  austinma@hawaii.edu

A Special Space Show Announcement, Sunday, January 3, 2016 January 3, 2016

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Space Show Listeners:

Effective today, this blog will no longer be archiving new Space Show programs or taking your comments on future shows. These features are now integrated into the new Space Show website which is up and running.  I am leaving the comments feature active on this blog so you can continue to comment on previous shows archived here or should you wish to comment on one of the special announcements that we might make in the future.  Any future show comments posted on this blog will be removed.

This blog is now being used for timely and special announcements to the listeners. For example, a last minute show cancellation, no show with the guest, or change in schedule will be posted here.  So will other items we think are of interest to you and that may contain timely information.

Though the new site is now active, both Spencer (our incredible website designer) and I do want your feedback, especially if you find broken show links and other issues with the site. Items like the Indiegogo Honor Roll will be completed as soon as possible.  We have already reached out to those who selected the Listener Voices Indiegogo perk for their messages.  Those messages will be posted on the site as we get them.  Listener Voices can be found on the right side bar menu.  Those of you who selected the Indiegogo perks for hosting a show, being a co-host, or being a guest on the show, this was a one year offer starting with the launch of our new site so please contact me for additional information, your guest ideas, and scheduling.

Finally, I want to thank Spencer who really worked hard to make a success out of the Indiegogo campaign and then to put this website together. It was not easy and we may not yet be out of the woods as he turns over archiving, podcasting and newsletters to me (with his continued guidance of course).  Spencer put in long hours to do this, to save the initial Space Show database, and to make the site not only nice looking and functional, but to get all the archives and past everything working.  If you like the new site, Spencer gets all the credit.  If you don’t like it, well, the buck stops with me as I was the boss in charge so take it out on me as the site was my responsibility.

I also want to thank Tom Driggers, our tireless broadcast engineer, emergency fixit guy and more. Tom kept the old Windows site going when all the problems started early last spring. He managed to update a terribly outdated and flawed database and he helped Spencer along the way with many technical issues and problems.  He also maintained Space Show equipment, engineered our recent webinar, and after my spine surgery, he helped me make structural changes in how I work to take loads off my back by standing part of the time at the computers rather than always sitting.  Without the help of Tom Driggers, none of this would probably have happened.

And of course special thanks to all of you the listeners, especially the 138 of you who contributed through Indiegogo to make the new site possible. Without your campaign success, I hate to think about where we would be right now regarding programs, podcasts, and archives.

Spencer and I want your feedback so please email us. You can reach Spencer through me.

Last but not least, a very Happy 2016 to all of you. I hope you have a terrific year.


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show