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A Special Space Show Announcement, Sunday, January 3, 2016 January 3, 2016

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Space Show Listeners:

Effective today, this blog will no longer be archiving new Space Show programs or taking your comments on future shows. These features are now integrated into the new Space Show website which is up and running.  I am leaving the comments feature active on this blog so you can continue to comment on previous shows archived here or should you wish to comment on one of the special announcements that we might make in the future.  Any future show comments posted on this blog will be removed.

This blog is now being used for timely and special announcements to the listeners. For example, a last minute show cancellation, no show with the guest, or change in schedule will be posted here.  So will other items we think are of interest to you and that may contain timely information.

Though the new site is now active, both Spencer (our incredible website designer) and I do want your feedback, especially if you find broken show links and other issues with the site. Items like the Indiegogo Honor Roll will be completed as soon as possible.  We have already reached out to those who selected the Listener Voices Indiegogo perk for their messages.  Those messages will be posted on the site as we get them.  Listener Voices can be found on the right side bar menu.  Those of you who selected the Indiegogo perks for hosting a show, being a co-host, or being a guest on the show, this was a one year offer starting with the launch of our new site so please contact me for additional information, your guest ideas, and scheduling.

Finally, I want to thank Spencer who really worked hard to make a success out of the Indiegogo campaign and then to put this website together. It was not easy and we may not yet be out of the woods as he turns over archiving, podcasting and newsletters to me (with his continued guidance of course).  Spencer put in long hours to do this, to save the initial Space Show database, and to make the site not only nice looking and functional, but to get all the archives and past everything working.  If you like the new site, Spencer gets all the credit.  If you don’t like it, well, the buck stops with me as I was the boss in charge so take it out on me as the site was my responsibility.

I also want to thank Tom Driggers, our tireless broadcast engineer, emergency fixit guy and more. Tom kept the old Windows site going when all the problems started early last spring. He managed to update a terribly outdated and flawed database and he helped Spencer along the way with many technical issues and problems.  He also maintained Space Show equipment, engineered our recent webinar, and after my spine surgery, he helped me make structural changes in how I work to take loads off my back by standing part of the time at the computers rather than always sitting.  Without the help of Tom Driggers, none of this would probably have happened.

And of course special thanks to all of you the listeners, especially the 138 of you who contributed through Indiegogo to make the new site possible. Without your campaign success, I hate to think about where we would be right now regarding programs, podcasts, and archives.

Spencer and I want your feedback so please email us. You can reach Spencer through me.

Last but not least, a very Happy 2016 to all of you. I hope you have a terrific year.


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show


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