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Space Show Website Feedback January 5, 2016

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Space Show Website Feedback

Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016

Dear Listeners:

We hope you are finding the new Space Show website to your liking.  We do want your feedback, good or bad, so please email it to both Spencer and me. Also, if you are reporting a problem with the site, the shows, anything, please be specific so we can find what you are talking about and fix the problem.  We cannot do that when you are general, just using a key word to describe a show with a bad link, or anything like that.  If you are reporting a show that does not work, please give us the name of the guest and the date so we can do what we have to do to fix the problem.  Avoid broad and dramatic generalizations.  Again, be as specific as possible to help us understand what it is you are reporting.

In addition, tell us if you are using a PC or a Mac. Also, what type of smartphone you may be using and how new is it. We can tweak the mobile platforms but we need to know the one you are using  so we can find it and fix it.

Thank you for your feedback. We want to hear from you, fix the glitches, and make some changes where appropriate.  Help us do that by giving us specific, to the point and helpful feedback.


Dr. David Livingston, Host

The Space Show

DrSpace:  drspace@thespaceshow.com

Spencer:  austinma@hawaii.edu


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