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ALERT ALERT ALERT! Wednesday, 1-13-16 January 13, 2016

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ALERT ALERT ALERT!  Wednesday, 1-13-16


Dear Listeners:

We have detected a browser issue on many of our old shows.  While all the file and data are present, using the Internet Explorer browser, the time stamp if you are listening to the show off the website is incorrect and you may be missing about half the show.  If you download the program, all of the file is there and it is working fine.  If you use the Chrome browser, this problem does not exist.  If you are using Firefox, the programs may not work and often it will say the program is not yet archived though it is archived.  We don’t know if this problem exists on Safari or other browsers so if you use Safari or something else, we would appreciate your feedback on this issue.

If you want to listen to the show stream without downloading it, for the 2015 programs and earlier, until we can figure out what is going on and fix the problem, I urge you to use the Chrome browser.  If you are downloading the shows, you can use either Chrome or IE.   For Firefox users, I apologize.  The problem seems to be the most severe with this browser.  Until we can fix the problem, please use one of the other browsers.  I will keep you posted on our progress in resolving these issues.

Your feedback is welcome.  Also, if you have any ideas as to why this problem is happening, especially with the 2015 and older shows, we want to hear from you and consider your suggested solution.  So again, we want your feedback and ideas.

Thank you for your patience and we work through the new website bugs and fix these problems.

All the best,



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