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IPhone Podcast Issues February 20, 2016

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IPhone Podcast Issues

Update, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016

A few iPhone users have been reporting podcast problems with The Space Show podcast. Our investigation of these issues lead us to believe this is an Apple IOS 9 conflict issue, especially with users outside the United States.  This is a well document problem.  For example, Google IOS 9 podcast problems and see what you get.  This is just one of the many articles and complaints you will find about this issue:  https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7218432?tstart=0.

I know IOS 9 has problems because I have it on my 6S Plus and while I have no podcast issues, I have Outlook and Exchange issues for email as IOS 9 keeps reporting numerous unread email where there is no unread email. The fix only lasts a short while and then it happens again and again.  Apple is aware of these issues, including the podcast issue, but I have no clue when it will be resolved or if they will ever resolve these IOS 9 issues.

Here is what others have done with this problem. First, uninstall your podcast app, reboot your phone, reinstall the podcast app and set up The Space Show account again.  That may work on your phone.  Otherwise, in the Apple App Store there are several free podcasting apps with 5 star ratings.  I have a second podcasting app on my phone for testing purposes so I suggest you install the Overcast podcast app.  It works fine for me and others, including listeners in Australia and elsewhere.

There is no way for us to troubleshoot ITunes. There is no customer service for ITunes offered to anyone as far as I know.  My requests for help on The Space Show Announcement Blog and on multiple shows has not produced a damn thing in terms of help or expertise.  Finally, most IPhones work just fine with our podcasts.  This problem is only a problem for a few listeners, plus we are discovering that most of the problems happen to listeners outside the United States.

We are also aware that the listeners say they do not have the problem with their other podcasts. That may very well be true but it appears to be a problem with our podcasts for a small number of users.  In addition, we are not getting trouble reports for users with Windows smartphones or smartphones based on the Droid O/S.  Despite podcasts working for other programs and working for the vast majority of podcast listeners with Apple products, we do know it’s a problem for some of them.

Please try the solutions I have suggested and report back to me. Read about the IOS 9 podcast issues.  Complain to Apple, especially if your IPhone is new and still under warranty.  Certainly let me know if you are getting the podcasts again with one of the two solutions offered.  If you try a different podcast app from the Apple app store and it works, please let me know so I can tell others about it.  I use what I believe is the Apple purple podcast and the new one, Overcast. Both work fine for me and those that are designated IPhone podcast testers for The Space Show.

One additional point.  If you do a search for “IPhone Podcast App,” not only do you get the reported problems with the IPhone App but you get reviews of the best podcast app for the IPhone.  I would like to direct listeners to the recommendation from The Verge at www.theverge.com/2015/6/4/8724949/best-podcast-app-IPhone-outcast-pocket-casts-castro.   The Overcast IOS app gets the highest ratings for the IPhone.  For those of you having a problem with the IPhone podcasting app, again I urge you to try the Overcast app.  Please report back to me if you do give it a try.

Thank you.

David Livingston, Host

Urgent Podcasting Message, Saturday, 2-13-16 February 13, 2016

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Podcasting Issue Message, Saturday, 2-13-16


A few listeners, I believe all using Apple products, are reporting various types of podcasting issues around Space Show programs loading or not loading. This seems to only impact a few people based on the number of reports received so far.  Finding the cause and fixing it is a huge problem given that for most of us using an IPhone like me (6 S Plus) we have no problems to report.  Yet some of you do have problems.

We need help in troubleshooting and fixing things with iTunes. We have not been able to find a way to get customer service or help with iTunes so we are reaching out to our listener base.  If anyone out there knows how to troubleshoot and repair problems with podcasting using iTunes, we need your help.  Our podcasting client, Gigadial, can detect if we have entered some data wrong but that does not often happen.  If there is a coding or conflict issue with our new website and Drupal 7, the o/s behind our website, we don’t know about it and are unable to zero in on it to fix the problem.

Again, if you can help us with podcasting problems, please contact me at drspace@thespceshow.com.  We upload our mp3 URL from our website FTP site to our Gigadial.net account and from there, iTunes grabs it for podcasting on through iTunes.  One can also subscribe for free to our RSS feed on Gigadial.net.

If you are having problems, please report them to us and the type of platform or device you are using. Also, we need your help in fixing these problems so if you know how to do it, let me hear form you.


David Livingston