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Urgent Podcasting Message, Saturday, 2-13-16 February 13, 2016

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Podcasting Issue Message, Saturday, 2-13-16


A few listeners, I believe all using Apple products, are reporting various types of podcasting issues around Space Show programs loading or not loading. This seems to only impact a few people based on the number of reports received so far.  Finding the cause and fixing it is a huge problem given that for most of us using an IPhone like me (6 S Plus) we have no problems to report.  Yet some of you do have problems.

We need help in troubleshooting and fixing things with iTunes. We have not been able to find a way to get customer service or help with iTunes so we are reaching out to our listener base.  If anyone out there knows how to troubleshoot and repair problems with podcasting using iTunes, we need your help.  Our podcasting client, Gigadial, can detect if we have entered some data wrong but that does not often happen.  If there is a coding or conflict issue with our new website and Drupal 7, the o/s behind our website, we don’t know about it and are unable to zero in on it to fix the problem.

Again, if you can help us with podcasting problems, please contact me at drspace@thespceshow.com.  We upload our mp3 URL from our website FTP site to our Gigadial.net account and from there, iTunes grabs it for podcasting on through iTunes.  One can also subscribe for free to our RSS feed on Gigadial.net.

If you are having problems, please report them to us and the type of platform or device you are using. Also, we need your help in fixing these problems so if you know how to do it, let me hear form you.


David Livingston



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