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Golden Oldie Tom Olson Space Year 2007 In Review, Thursday, 12-26-13 December 25, 2013

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Golden Oldie Tom Olson Space Year 2007 In Review, Thursday, 12-26-13


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Guest: Tom Olson. Topics:  Tom Olson focused on a 2007 year end review for the space industry. Please direct all comments and questions regarding Space Show programs/guest(s) to the Space Show blog, https://thespaceshow.wordpress.com. Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are a violation of our copyright and are not permitted without prior written consent, even if for your own use. We do not permit the commercial use of Space Show programs or any part thereof, nor do we permit editing, YouTube clips, or clips placed on other private channels & websites. Space Show programs can be quoted, but the quote must be cited or referenced using the proper citation format. Contact The Space Show for further information. In addition, please remember that your Amazon purchases can help support The Space Show/OGLF. See www.onegiantleapfoundation.org/amazon.htm.
Welcome to the fourth part of our Golden Oldie decade of space events and news in review.  For this archived program, guest Tom Olson gives us a 2007 overview, recorded on Dec. 20, 2007.  Here is the summary of the show I used when archiving this Golden Oldie for the first time back in 2007.  Tom has been doing this review since the early days of The Space Show and it has since become an annual tradition. Along with being a light and fun show, he provided important and substantive analysis on many key topics and issues which faced the space world in 2007. Many of these issues will undoubtedly face the space world for 2008. We had many listener questions on several topics dealing with New Space investments, financing, and maturity. You will find Tom’s observations and comments pertinent to this ongoing discussion on The Space Show. Other questions concerned the awarding of prizes, the indicators one might consider before investing in space, the different types of space businesses which started up in 2007 versus previous years, and a review of the COTS competition. In the last segment of the show, Tom added a new feature we have not previously done, “The Kool Aid Event Of The Year!” To know Tom’s selection for 2007, you will need to listen to what he said during this program. However, one hint we can provide is that Tom instigated a discussion about a “Netscape Moment” on the show. Early in the program, Tom and I promoted the Space Cynics blog which can be found at http://spacecynic.wordpress.com/. Tom, posting as Tom’sRants, is one of the Cynics who post on the blog started by Shubber Ali (Shubber posts under his first name). I, Professor L, am probably the Cynic that posts the least and Dr. Jurist posts as Old Space Cadet. In discussing some of the Cynics’ posts, Tom explained the purpose of Space Cynics and discussed our annual set of awards, The Walking Eagle Award. I am sure you will appreciate this 2007 space review program.
Please post your comments on The Space Show blog.  You can email Tom through me at drspace@thespaceshow.com.  This interview runs for 1 hour 20 minutes.